Why Remote Internships Are Effective Programs

Remote internships are expanding across the industry in Australia and young participants have the chance to get involved.

It would have been considered a wild idea at the start of the century, but innovations in technology and changes to community behaviours have made these initiatives possible in 2020.


Wider Access for Participants

One of the major downsides with certain intern programs is placing restrictions on who can be involved. For young professionals to have this experience, they must arrive on-site at a specified location and for a specified time. The benefit of engaging in remote internships is that many of these barriers disappear. People from remote and rural areas of the country suddenly have an opening. Individuals from migrant communities and those who are overseas can get involved.


Flexible Scheduling & Assignment Tasks

The traditional Monday to Friday 9am-5pm routine can work for remote internships, but it does not have to be the case depending on the business. Participants can be given a schedule that works for them, allowing individuals to work according to specified deadlines. They can have the space to create their own projects without a degree of micromanagement. Working early mornings, late nights and weekends are a possibility. Essentially there is more freedom with these initiatives to make for an enjoyable experience.


Increasing Skills & Building Contact Network

woman typing on her laptop

There are two key benefits that are in play with these programs that work in-person or remotely. The capacity to improve on personal skillsets and developing intellectual property remains. The same can be said for the creation of new contacts and working on relationships that prove fruitful for careers. These relationships can be improved and solidified with direct contact, but it can be the beginning of a career in the industry without having to make serious travel or lifestyle commitments.


No Contact Program

2020 has forced businesses to reassess how they operate since the spread of the coronavirus. While traditional intern programs have either been removed or downgraded, the expansion of remote internships has been a true blessing for young participants. They get to enjoy many of the same experiences and development of their skills without compromising on the health of themselves, their peers and employer.


Better Management of Costs

Without the need to invest in new attire, transportation fees and funding lunches at the worksite, remote internships allow participants to keep better track of their own bottom line. The financial component can be a sticking point with these programs, seeing some outlets either paying minimum wage or not subsidising workers at all. Rather than having to incur that type of experience, remote programs allow the individual to take part with the enterprise without leaving themselves out of pocket.


Full Market Picture: Big Business to Startups

What would normally be a negative for a startup or small business has opened up new opportunities thanks to remote internships. These initiatives have commonly be linked only to the big end of town, allowing them to leverage their brand appeal and resources to attract new talent. With entry-level positions only requiring digital contact, operators at all levels from the public and private sector can utilise more help and endeavour. This is beneficial for those that want to throw their hat into the ring but are fearful about being boxed into a short-term role with a major brand, only to be ignored and overlooked.


Just with a smart device and solid Internet connection, young men and women have the chance to take part with remote internships in Australia. It is an experience that will look great on the CV and ensure that skills in the tele-work field are improved.