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Waste Disposal vs Skip Bins in Wollongong: Which Is Best?

Aussies create a lot of waste, and most of that waste can’t simply be thrown in the garden – it needs to be disposed of somehow and skip bins in Wollongong are a popular means of doing so. But how does it fare to getting a professional waste disposal team to come to your property and get rid of it for you?

This article looks at the benefits and drawbacks of each method so that you can make an informed decision, regardless of whether you’re a homeowner or construction worker.


Skip bins in Wollongong

When it comes to the most affordable rubbish removal option, nothing beats skip bins in Wollongong – you have to do all the heavy lifting yourself, which means you’re not paying for someone else’s labour. This can save you a lot of money, making it highly cost-effective.

However, the DIY option isn’t for everyone. For one, having to fill it can be dirty and tiring work. It requires a decent level of fitness and strength (and a pair of gloves!). Secondly, the big metal container takes up a lot of space on properties, which creates an unsightly appearance. It can also leave a brown marking on your lawn due to the force and the lack of sunlight and water to the grass.

Skip bins in Wollongong must also be kept away from driveways, roads and footpaths. This can make it tricky to work with if you don’t have much space, e.g. if you’re in a small office block in the city. In order to put the container on the street you will need a council permit; you also risk upsetting the neighbours.

There are also restrictions regarding what can and cannot be put in the container. Things like paint, chemicals or carpet cannot go inside or if they can will often mean you are charged an extra fee. They may also take a while to arrive and get taken away, which can be annoying and delay your plans.


Professional waste disposal

With this you are paying for the convenience of having a team of professionals pick up and take away your unwanted goods. This means you’re paying a higher rate than you would be using skip bins in Wollongong.

This option is ideal for people who do not want to or cannot load their garbage themselves (for example, the elderly, or a construction crew wanting to save time). Additionally, it avoids having to place a large container onto your property – the team simply loads the trash into their truck on the street. It also reduces the risk of injury to yourself as you don’t have to worry about heavy lifting and hurting your back.

Professional removal services are time saving, too. The team gets rid of the junk for you, meaning you can focus on your job, whatever that may be.

Overall, whether professional removal or skip bins in Wollongong is better depends on your specific needs and situation. For those with a busy lifestyle and/or people who don’t want to get their hands dirty, a pro team might be your best option. For those who are physically capable and/or want to save money, the latter is probably better.

Garbage comes in many different shapes and sizes and is something no one can avoid creating throughout their lives. Whether you need a regular waste removal service for your café or simply want skip bins in Wollongong for your spring cleaning, just know that you have options. Again, what you end up choosing depends on your particular situation.