The Type Of Lumbar Belt

The compression belt

This is the most classic abdominal belt, consisting of elastic materials and usually with a back reinforcement in the form of a plastic bar or steel, or a plate matching the shape of the back.

The sports belt

Designed to provide optimal support without ever hindering the movement, the sports belt is a good alternative for those who wish to continue their sporting activity despite some back pain (in the absence of any pathology, of course!).

The heating belt

These are often models incorporating cushions made of cherry stones or others to be heated in the microwave (even if the most modern incorporate a heating device operating by infrared).

They are generally recommended for end-of-day back pain, to relieve aches and lighter contractions.

The anti-vibration belt

The anti-vibration belt is typically the kind of belt to be used on a construction site, to prevent repeated trauma that can be caused by repeating the same movements, carrying heavy objects or handling a tool such as a hammer piercing, all without hindering the movements.